Postcolonial Studies at NYU

Graduate Admissions


Postcolonial Studies at NYU is based in the Department of English, and those who wish to work most directly with the core faculty should apply to that department.

The interdisciplinary nature of the field, however, means that many applicants will apply to the department which is closest to their major focus and interest (see the Faculty page for a list of the many faculty who whose work is based in other disciplines but who have an interest in postcolonial studies). Once at NYU, you will be most welcome to participate in the activities of the Postcolonial Studies Project, whatever department you may be in.

Applicants are welcome at both MA and PhD level.

An MA in English and American Literature with a concentration in Postcolonial Studies offers students the possibility of developing their interests in Postcolonial Studies while retaining a broader literary perspective. This course offers the intellectual stimulation of the experience of taking a higher degree at postgraduate level without the longer-term commitment of a Ph.D. At the same time, it represents an excellent preparation for a Ph.D program.

The Ph.D program offers a rigorous and wide-ranging training in Postcolonial Studies for those seeking an academic career. Those offered admission for Ph.D in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at NYU are generally offered a MacCracken fellowship which provides funding for five years of study, with a further year’s funding available through teaching.

Full information on applying to NYU is available at the Graduate School of Arts and Science Application Resource Center


Full information on applying for both MA and Ph.D to the Dept. of English NYU is available at