Postcolonial Studies at NYU


Toral Gajarawala
Assistant Professor of English
Postcolonial studies; Anglophone and Francophone literatures; contemporary Hindi literature; realism.

Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
Distinguished Global Visiting Professor, Professor of English
Postcolonial studies; feminist theory; gender and culture in South Asia; Indian writing in English; British Victorian literature.

Jini Kim Watson
Assistant Professor of English
Asia-Pacific literature and cultural studies; postcolonial studies; spatial and architectural theory; comparative modernities; feminist and critical theory.

Robert J.C. Young
Julius Silver Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Postcolonial literatures and cultures; the history of colonialism and anti-colonialism; cultural history of the 19th and 20th centuries; literary and cultural theory.


Aisha Khan
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Race and ethnicity; social stratification; theory and method in diaspora studies; the Caribbean and Latin America.

Tejaswini Ganti
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Indian cinema, South Asia, anthropology of media, visual anthropology/visual culture, popular culture, cultural policy, nationalism, postcolonial theory, diasporas, and theories of globalization.

Emilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas
Senior Researcher & Professor, Director CNRS-NYU.

Comparative Literature
Emily Apter
Professor of French and Comparative Literature
19th and 20th century literatures of France, North Africa, the Caribbean, Germany, Britain and North America; translation studies, the history and theory of comparative literature, critical theory, psychoanalysis and politics, postcolonial theory.

Kamau Brathwaite
Professor of Comparative Literature
Caribbean literature and culture.

J. Michael Dash
Professor of French, Social and Cultural Analysis Africana Studies
Francophone/Caribbean Literature; literary theory; translation French to English.

Manthia Diawara
Professor of Comparative Literature, Africana Studies
Black American film, literary and cultural studies, black film in Africa and Europe.

Hala Halim
Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature; Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
odern Arabic, English and Anglophone literatures; postcolonial theory and alternative modernities; autobiography, autoethnography, and travel writing; theory and practice of translation; cosmopolitanism, globalization, gender, and the city.

Mark Sanders
Professor of Comparative Literature
African literatures, literary theory, postcolonial literatures and theory, global Anglophone literatures, South African literature and intellectual history, testimony, autobiography, literature and law, ethics, translation, psychoanalysis, feminism, Marxism, Derrida.

Deutsches Haus at NYU
Kathrin diPaola
Director, Deutsches Haus at NYU
21st century contemporary German literature, postcolonial studies with a focus on the German colonial past in the South Pacific, and the wide field of cultural studies within the humanities.


John Archer
Professor of English
Renaissance drama; early modern literature and culture; the history of subjectivity; literary theory; colonial and postcolonial studies.

Patrick Deer
Associate Professor of English
Modernism; war culture and war literature; contemporary British literature and culture; the novel and film; cultural studies; Anglophone literature and postcolonial studies.

Elaine Freedgood
Professor of English
Victorian literature and culture; critical theory; history of the novel.

Crystal Parikh
Associate Professor of English, Social and Cultural Analysis
Asian American literature and studies; Latino/Chicano literature and studies; feminist and critical race theory; postcolonial studies; twentieth-century American literature.

Clifford Siskin
Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Professor of English and American Literature; Director, The Re:Enlightenment Project at New York University and the New York Public Library
Literary, social, and technological change, 1700-1850 (British); print culture and digital culture; literary theory and genre theory; the organization of knowledge.

Jeffrey L. Spear
Associate Professor of English
Victorian studies; visual culture; Victorian art movements and British India.

S.S. Sandhu
Associate Professor of English, Social and Cultural Analysis, Director Asian/Pacific/American Studies
Toil; avant pulp; off-kilter Englishness; popular and techno cultures; metropolitan and immigrant history; cinema studies; black and Asian literatures; poetics and sociology of sport.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Kevin Brine

Independent Scholar

Kevin R. Brine is an Overseer of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Chair of the Dean’s Council for the Division of Libraries at New York University. He is a board member of Delphi Financial Group and former partner and board member of Sanford C. Bernstein & Co, Inc, Investment Management & Research.

Ritty Lukose
Associate Professor

Gender, globalization, and colonial, postcolonial, and diasporic modernities as they impact South Asia. With a background in anthropology, she is particularly interested in issues of youth, development, consumption, citizenship, politics, and gender and feminist issues.

Millery PolynÚ
Assistant Professor
History of U.S. African American and Afro-Caribbean/Afro-Latino cultural, political, and economic initiatives in the 19th and 20th centuries; coloniality in the Americas; Caribbean dance; and the intersections of race, sports, and urban memory.

Vasu Varadhan
Associate Faculty
Media theory and globalization.

Frederick Cooper
Professor of History
African history; colonization and decolonization; social sciences and the colonial world.

David Ludden
Professor, Political Economy and Globalization
Economic development, agrarian conditions, health environments, empire, inequality, social conflict.

Michael Gomez
Professor of History, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
African diaspora; Islam in West Africa.

Manu Goswami
Associate Professor of History
Modern South Asian history; Historical political economy; Nationalism, History of globalization; Social theory.

Andrew Sartori
Assistant Professor, Modern South Asian History, Modern Intellectual History, Social Theory
Modern South Asia, Modern Intellectual History, Social Theory.

Sinclair Thompson
Associate Professor of History
Colonial Latin America; Andean region; peasant and Indian politics; Andean religion; race/ethnicity; historical imagination and political memory; Bolivian history and politics.

Barbara Weinstein

Professor of History
Modern Latin America, Brazil, labor history, slavery and emancipation, race and gender, regionalism and nationalism.

Institute of Fine Arts
Finbarr Barry Flood
William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of the Humanities; ; Institute of Fine Arts and Department of Art History
Art and architecture of the Islamic world; Cross-cultural dimensions of Islamic material culture; Theories and practices of image-making; Technologies of representation; Art historical historiography, methodology, and theory; and Orientalism.

Ireland House
John P. Waters
Assistant Clinical Professor, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Irish Studies
Irish Studies; Eighteenth Century British and Irish Culture; British Romantic literature.

Italian Studies
Ruth Ben-Ghiat
Professor, Chair, Dept of Italian Studies
Modern Italian culture and history, twentieth-century European politics and culture; film history; fascism and the politics of its memory; colonialism and empire.

Media, Culture and Communication
Arjun Appadurai
Goddard Professor of Media, Culture and Communication
urrent research has three foci: ethnic violence in the context of globalization, with a special focus on ethnic relations in Mumbai in the late 1980’s and 1990’s; a longer term collaborative project on the cultural dimensions of social crisis in Mumbai, focusing on housing, poverty, media and violence; a comparative ethnographic project on grass-roots globalization, intended to illuminate emergent transnational organizational forms and new practices of sovereignty.

Allen Feldman
Associate Professor of Culture and Communication
Visual culture and violence; Political anthropology of the body; Archeology and genealogy of media and technology.

Radha Hegde
Associate Professor
How m
edia and new technologies shape the social and political experience of migration and globalization.

Nicholas Mirzoeff
Professor of Media, Culture and Communication
Visual culture; decolonial genealogy of ‘visuality’.

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Gabriella Nik. Ilieva
Clinical Associate Professor, Hindi

Zachary Lockman
Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and History
The socioeconomic, cultural and political history of the modern Middle East, particularly the Mashriq.

Mona N. Mikhail
Emerita Professor of Middle Eastern Studies
Arabic literature in a comparative context as well as on gender studies. The political, social and cultural dimensions of the Arab East and North Africa as well as the literatures produced in the diaspora ( North America , Europe ) in the twentieth century.

Tahira Naqvi
Urdu language lecturer

Minor in South Asian Studies
Rochelle Almeida
Professor of South Asian Studies; Liberal Studies Program

Tilottama Tharoor
Professor of South Asian Studies; Liberal Studies Program

Museum Studies
Haidy Geismar
Assistant Professor, Program in Museum Studies and the Department of Anthropology
Visual anthropology, Pacific anthropology, intellectual, cultural and indigenous property rights, economic anthropology, cross-cultural theories of value and valuation, materiality, contemporary indigenous art, museum theory and criticism.

NYU Abu Dhabi
Paolo Lemos Horta
Assistant Professor of Literature
World literature, the works and authors who exert an impact beyond their cultures of origin. He is currently interested in the cross-cultural collaborations that influenced The Thousand and One Nights, and the reception of the works of 16th Century Portuguese author Luis de Camoes, who lived in the Middle East and South Asia.

Sheetal Majithia
Assistant Professor of Literature

Kanchan Chandra
Associate Professor of Politics

Social and Cultural Analysis
Gayatri Gopinath
Associate Professor, Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies
Queer Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Feminist Theory.

Mary Louise Pratt
Silver Professor; Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, Spanish & Portuguese
Latin American literature since 1800; contemporary Latin American narratives and the neo-liberal crisis; postcolonial criticism and theory; cultural studies; women and print culture in Latin America; travel literature; literature and colonialism; cultural theory.

Michael Ralph
Assistant Professor
Crime, citizenship, commodity aesthetics, credit-debt and sovereignty in Senegal and the Atlantic world, more broadly. Michael is now completing a book manuscript based on several years of ethnographic fieldwork and archival research in France and Senegal entitled, ‘The Forensics of Capital: Debt, Sacrifice, and Democracy in Senegal.’

MarÝa Josefina Salda˝a-Portillo
Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis; Director, Latino Studies
Latina/o cultural studies; development and globalization studies; comparative race in the Americas; 20th century revolutionary thought and literature of the Americas.

Vivek Chibber
Associate Professor of Sociology
Economic sociology; sociology of development; Marxian theory; political sociology; comparative-historical sociology; social theory.

Spanish and Portuguese
Sibylle Fischer
Associate Professor, Chair Dept. Spanish and Portuguese

Caribbean and Latin American literatures (Spanish, Portuguese, French); culture and politics in the nineteenth century; literature and dictatorship; literature and philosophy; cultural, aesthetic, and political theory; the Black Atlantic; the Haitian Revolution.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Dipti Desai
Associate Professor of Art and Art Education

Tisch School of the Arts
     Art & Public Policy
Ella Shohat
Professor of Art & Public Policy and of Middle Eastern Studies
Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Transnational and gender studies.
Robert Stam
University Professor

Comparative (post)colonialisms in Anglo-American, French and Francophone, Brazilian and Lusophone zones, historically viewed and in relation to popular culture and media, debates about race, multiculturalism, diaspora, progressive politics in film and media, the central role of indigenous peoples in European and Euro-American thought.

Awam Amkpa
Associate Professor, Africana Studies
African diasporic drama and film; transnationalism, postcolonial theory.

      Performance Studies
JosÚ Esteban Muňoz
Associate Professor, Chair Department of Performance Studies
 Latino studies; queer theory; critical race theory; global mass cultures; performance art; film and video.