Postcolonial Studies at NYU

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International Journal of Postcolonial Studies

Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies
published six times a year from 2014 and one of the major journals in the field of Postcolonial Studies, has its editorial office in the Department of English at NYU

Editor: Robert J.C. Young

The journal focuses on the following aspects of postcolonial research, theory and politics:

  • The histories of imperialism and colonialism
  • The role of culture (academic, literary and popular) in the operation of
    imperialism and in the formations of national resistance
  • Liberation struggles, past and ongoing
  • The role of religion and culture in new nationalisms
  • The contemporary politics of identity; race and ethnicity; gender and sexuality
  • The economics of neo-colonialism
  • Diaspora and migrancy
  • Indigenous fourth-world cultures
  • The connections between colonialism and modernity, postcolonialism and postmodernism
  • Questions of postcolonial literatures
  • Languages and translation

Opportunities exist for interested post-graduates students to work as editorial assistants on the journal.