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Getting to Know the Old World Home Decor

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Getting to Know the Old World Home Decor
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When you see the old world home decor, you will instantly feel both relaxed and comfortable. The trademark of this home interior decoration will also remind you of the old European manor or estate that you often see in the movies. However, creating this certain style at home is not as difficult as many people may think of. You need only to know what the materials, textures as well as colors to make it happen.

If you get the European feel, then you may be right. Because you will need furniture such as the French antiques to create the old world home decor style. Moreover, you will also need limestone, stiles, earthy materials, and tumbled marble. Other less significant in size but no less important anyway would be to include the deep texture on the walls, flooring and also fabrics being used in the rooms.

Among the key influences to the style of the old world home decor are: French Country, Spanish, Tuscan, Italian Villa, French Chateau, and Mediterranean. Seeing each of the style would help you to understand about the style better as you may use all the elements from those styles mentioned above or you can simply use the combinations of some styles that you would love the best.

To achieve the old world home decor, you need to choose the colors that are deep in tones, rich and also warm. These colors should be the colors of the natures as well as the colors that are often used in the old world residences, towns and villages. Those colors will include deep gold, pomegranate reds, hunter greens, different kinds of browns, etc. The fabrics, on the other hand, may include the brocades, leather, Aubusson rugs, fringe, stripes, tassels and beaded trim, damask with floral patterns and large scrolls, etc.

Description: The old world home decor can immediately make the rooms feel more relaxed and also comfortable. This old European style is the combinations of lots of styles, colors and fabrics.

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