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    4 Stunning Types Of Accent Lights

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    4 Stunning Types of Accent Lights
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    If you think that a lamp is only a utilitarian device just used to provide light in a room, then let me introduce you to accent lamps. The idea of lamps as decorative and interior design items is becoming more popular and prevalent. These particular types of lamps can provide a touch of whimsy to your home, add to the ambiance you are trying to create, and can tie patterns and colors together. There are many variations of these lamps so let’s take a look at a few of them.

    There are many styles, colors, sizes, and materials to choose from. They can be found in the form of small accent lamps or large ones for example. There are accent table lamps that fit nicely on a living room end table or a bedside table. There are also accent floor lamps which can help add proper lighting to your entire room. You can find these lamps in a hanging or swag style as well. If you don’t want to take up any table or floor space or simply want to take advantage of the empty wall space you have, then you can also get ones that can be hung up on the wall.

    One style of accent lamp that many people are acquainted with is the Tiffany accent lamp. Tiffany himself designed this style originally and the genuine article can be very expensive. But today, this style of lamp can be found as a “knock-off” at a more consumer friendly price. Tiffany style lamps with their stained glass effects are decorative and beautiful. You can find these lamps in either floor or table styles as well.Novelty design accent lamps are another type that seems to be everywhere nowadays. Many of these designs are meant to add humor as well as lightness (pardon the pun) to a room. You can get a small lamp shaped like a baseball or football for the sports lover in your life or one shaped like a teddy bear or other familiar toy figures that can be placed in a baby or young child’s room. There are also lamps shaped like hearts, stars and moons. The range of choices you have is quite wide.

    Thinking of spicing up your bedroom a bit? The right design and style can lend a feeling of romance in your bedroom lighting as either a floor lamp or as a table lamp placed on your dresser or nightstand. These lamps can be visually calming which can promote a restful night’s sleep after a long day of hard work.

    When you are considering your next home decoration makeover you might want to think about how these lamps might add to your scheme. Accent lamps can be found in large or small sizes, serious or humorous styles, floor models or table models and expensively or reasonably priced. With this vast variety to choose from, you can let your imagination as well as your creativity run wild when shopping for these creations of beauty.


    Is your house a little boring when it comes to lighting and decorative lighting? Perhaps you need to add some swagger to your home. Forget about those old incandescent vase lamps and standing floor lamps. Put a few swag lamps in your home and feel the good vibes emanating from your new and improved house. These lamps come in all sorts of designs and styles so do not be timid when it comes out to choosing which one is right for you and your lighting needs of your home.

    A swag lamp is essentially a lamp that hangs traditionally as a light bulb in a bowl base that allows light to project across a given area. A hanging swag lamp will look great in any room as it adds appeal to your overall household and makes you have a fun and friendly environment. With the right wiring, mounting, and know-how you can even turn your old normal lamp and its lampshade into a swag lamp. A swag lamp can be obtained in many different shapes, especially in this modern era of home decorating. For example you may get one that resembles an old Japanese lantern.

    Swag hanging lamps come in multiple styles in which different styles will give you a different flavor that will either match your entire home’s decorative theme or can be used just as a normal lamp to light up a room. One style of a swag lamp is a tiffany swag lamp. Most of all the time, tiffany swag lamps are glass shaded, typically stained glass, and are a preference among many swag lamp owners. A stained glass swag lamp will surely add that style and spice to any room in your home. For example, instead of having that boring old in ceiling light above your kitchen table, try out a tiffany or stained glass swag lamp to make your dining room elegant as well as fun and friendly.

    As you can see, swag lamps are an alternative, as well as innovative, way to light up your house. Whether you want one in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or even bedroom; a swag lamp will definitely be a great decision to make when decorating your home or in just adding some extra light. It is time to try something out of the ordinary that will add a common interest between you, your home, and its guests.


    Art deco is a term referring to an artistic style that was extremely popular in the “Roaring 20’s” up until the late 1940’s. Many people still embrace this style and continue to incorporate it into modern home décor to obtain a certain look. If you are into this sort of style then why not try out some art deco lamps to really shed some light into your personal space. Show off your taste of style with something that is literally flashy.

    You can get an art deco lamp from many different places. Although major retailers are very limited when it comes to art deco anything, you may want to check out an antique store, or a flea market and you might just come up on a great lamp! The styles of these lamps are not limited to any one design or pattern, so you can only imagine the possible shapes, sizes, and styles that these lamps come available in. Purely for their decorative essence, it would also be a great idea to pick up some energy friendly bulbs to save yourself some money on such a beautiful product. If you do not wish to get something too unique for your tastes then you can also try out an art deco lamp shade. When these shades are put onto the right lamp, they just look magnificent.

    An art deco table lamp may be a good idea for either your kitchen table, a nightstand in your bedroom, or possibly a small table at your front entrance. Art deco table lamps can surely brighten up your boring old tables with their unique styles and shapes. If you wish to just light up a whole room you can choose from a wide variety of art deco floor lamps which are larger than a normal lamp which means a larger piece of art for your home.

    Art deco is definitely not an out of date style as many people still prefer this over many other modern and contemporary styles. If you have a modern style home then maybe you would like to give it that artistic, classy type of feel with some art deco lamps. Whether you decide to place them on a table, on the floor, in one room, or many rooms, these lamps will appeal to the eye of any visitor as their beauty is as highly remarkable as its owner. Art deco is definitely the way to go.


    Although the days of widely used oil lamps are gone, you will still be able to buy them today. Hurricane lamps got the name from its original purpose which was to protect the flame from blowing out due to wind and drafts. You obviously wouldn’t try using a light outside during a hurricane but these were commonly used before the time of electricity as well as during power outages caused by things such as, well, hurricanes. In today’s time, these lamps have evolved from using mostly oil or gas to using electricity. You may wonder why people would still even use them and why these lamps still have that protected glass chimney around them even though the source of light is electrical based.

    The use of electricity pretty much made these types of lamps undesirable. You can easily get a light source that uses electricity that will cost less than an oil based one. However, people still use the oil lamps for their beauty and for during times when electricity isn’t available. You can use a hurricane lamp during a power outage or even on a camping trip. Any situation where you would need light but don’t have electricity available, these lamps can come in handy. Of course, so would a common flashlight but that’s not the point. People get these for decorative purposes as well.

    Hurricane lamps can come in many different styles. To adapt to today’s needs, manufacturers have built them in a way that make them great for decorative purposes as well as providing you with the light you need. You can still get antique hurricane lamps if you want to preserve the original look and design. Whether you are looking for hurricane oil lamps or electric hurricane lamps, there are plenty of different designs that you can choose from. Most of the designs come from the shape of the glass chimney. Although the electric ones have no need for the protective glass since wind won’t be able to turn the light off, people will prefer the glass to be there because of the looks. It’s what makes these lamps unique in the first place.

    The base of many of these lamps is similar so you can buy hurricane lamp shades to change up the design if you want. They can come in different colors as well as have hand painted designs. There are different sizes and type of materials to choose from as well. Typically, you can get a glass or porcelain cover. The cost of these lamps will vary depending on what you get but you should expect to pay anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars for one of these. The oil lamps will normally be a bit cheaper than the electric ones but that depends on the design. You can find them online. When using the oil ones, make sure you use caution since you are dealing with fire. In any case, hurricane lamps can really add a touch of history and beauty to your home.


    Wall lamps can be an important part of any design of a home. In order to make your home look brighter, you will need lights. This is something that can be done in a lot of different ways. Most people will have either some type of floor or ceiling lamp. Having a lamp or a light fixture on a wall can have a couple of different benefits as well as advantages. There are different reasons why you would want to attach a lamp to your wall so let’s take a look as some of these reasons as well as the benefits of having these types of lamps.

    The first benefit of using a wall lamp is that you will be able to save space. If you look around your home, the most used space is the floor. This is obviously because that’s where all of your furniture goes. The least utilized space is the ceiling. If you look up, it’s pretty empty. However, there are only so many things you can do with your ceilings such as install some lighting fixtures and fire detectors. Now when it comes to the walls, they are pretty under used as well but that’s a good thing. You probably don’t want to fill up your wall space with too many decorative items. However, adding a nice wall mounted lamp can do wonders in not only creating more light for your home but also to help focus light on different things around the house.

    This brings us to the next benefit of having wall lamps and that is that they will allow you to bring some focus on certain things around the home. Let’s say you have a nice painting on the wall that doesn’t receive too much light since the nearest light source is a floor lamp that is too far away. By placing a lamp near the painting, it can draw more attention to it. You can do this with different things like decorative items and even things like console table and mirrors as well.

    There are different types of lamps that you can buy and install onto your wall. One type of lamp is the swing arm wall lamp. Many people will use this in their bedroom. You may have seen these used in hotels as well. They can be adjusted somewhat as well as provide you with more space on your nightstands. There are also outdoor wall lamps that you can buy to help brighten up your home a bit more as well as make it easier to see the walkways for added safety.

    You can find any of these wall lamps online or at the store. There is a huge variety to choose from. They can come in all different styles, shapes, and colors. Some can be very simple looking while others can look very artistic and unique. You can use them in your kitchen, hallways, bedroom, bathrooms, and in any other place around the home that you feel needs a bit more light. Most of these types of lights can be found for under $100. The installation of these lights are really simple if you already have the wiring in place, otherwise, you may want to hire a professional to do the wiring for you or just get one of those plug in wall lamps so you don’t have to deal with the wiring.

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