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The Best Exotic Dark Marble Floor Living Room

Exotic Dark Marble Floor Living Room

Dark marble floor is indeed so fancy and exotic which works well for creating a cool and shiny surface in your living room. Dark marble floors are also loved for those who love elegance and modernity but thanks to its high flexibility and versatility, these kinds of floorings are suitable for any living room style. Still, you should know the advantages and disadvantages further so that you know what you are into.

Dark marble floor is so durable not only from appearance but literally, it is so durable and that is a fact. Dark marble flooring is created from the high quality stone which cannot be cracked or chipped easily. Then, for those who may put large and heavy furniture in their living rooms do not have to worry because the marble flooring will not be damaged easily and for that this stone flooring lasts so long. Furthermore, when you want to

Others, dark marble floor is so fancy and superior in appearance which will define the beauty in your living room. You can find this flooring comes with its various motifs and accents which mean that you are provided with many rich options which are all so luxurious. Furthermore, this flooring is easy to maintain because you only need to use vacuum cleaner to get rid the dirt and dust and then simply mop the floor daily.

But still, dark marble floor also comes with some disadvantages which you should consider first whether you can go with that or not because once you install it, and then it cannot be removed immediately. First is the expensive price which requires you to prepare extra money so that this flooring is not suitable for your budget friendly living room remodeling project. Other, its surface will be so cool or freezing exactly when winter comes.

The 14 Best Collection of Formal Living Room Ideas in Elegant Look

Formal Living Room Ideas in Elegant Look

Formal living room ideas should bring elegance and beauty. You can launch an intimate conversation in the living room if it comes in comfortable design. The people who live in a condo or apartment can redecorate their living room if it looks too casual and boring. If you have a lot of business associates, you need to pick the formal style in the living room. The living room is just ideal for the company meeting. You can enjoy a formal conversation here without feeling too tacky. Make sure that the pieces used in the living room look expansive and upscale.

You do not need to expense a lot of money. You can go with affordable items sold in various garage stores in town. You can pick the intricate furniture with wonderful wood carved craftsmanship. Paint the pieces in dark brown color. formal living room ideas are associated with elegant and opulent fabric. You can shop for a rich fabric made in satin, silk or even leather to make the room pop. If you do not like with dark chocolate brown color to define the upholstery on your sofa, you can choose other interesting elegant colors of maroon, wine red, indigo, or hunter green or royal blue.Formal Modern Living Room with Round Table

Formal Living Room and Dining Room Combination

Traditional Living Room Remodel to Formal Nuance

Stylish Formal Living Room in Colorful Theme

Formal Living Room in Gothic Style

Country Style Formal Living Room

2015 Minimalist Formal Living Room

Wall and Ceiling Decor for Formal Living Room

Modern Formal Living Room Interior

Luxury Formal Living Room with Beauty Lighting

Formal Living Room with Carpet Flooring

The formal living room is always preoccupied with dark color. But if your living space is too small, you can paint the wall in light or pastel shades. You can pick off white or gray to present the formality. If you like to set a new theme in the room, you can go with Tuscan or even Victorian living room design to make it the room decorative and formal. You can set some wing back chairs since they can signify formal style. The accessories like gold patterned mirror and wrought iron sconces on the wall can express formal living room ideas.

10 Best Awesome Home Decor Dallas

Awesome Home Decor Dallas

Great you are in Dallas. You will have more options about the style of your home. Yup, there is some home decor outlet Dallas offers great design for home décor ideas. Home decor Dallas by some companies offers the great selection for beautifying your home for sure. They can transform and enhance from the ancient to modern, old to young, busy to fresh and clean. It seems you are in great time and place for decorating your home with any styles and ideas.

Vintage Home Decor Dallas


Trendy Bedroom Home Decor Dallas


Stylish Outdoor Dining Idea


Modern Brown Home Decor Dallas


Modern Bedroom Home Decor Dallas


Since there are some companies of home decor Dallas, then you need to select the one that you trust. You can see their official websites or just go directly to the outlet or their office and ask about the design you want. If you go online, you can read their profile and review about them. This will filter you from the disappoint service whereas this is for your home at the place for living. If you have found the right one, then it is good idea to start decorating.

El Palace Hotel Barcelona Spain Guide


Elegant IKEA Home Decor Dallas


Elegant Home Decor Dallas


Cleaning Company East London Home Decor Dallas


Caugar Theme Home Decor Dallas


Themes, designs and ideas for the home are presented so well by home decor Dallas. They are the master on decorating the home with certain theme. Browse for more pictures on Google to find the great decoration that inspire you to select. Add some features and accessories. It may take several times only before the home is refreshed and improved. You can also personalize it with the right home furniture Dallas.

Home decor Dallas gives more options to select as the style and personality of home decoration you want. Home furnishing and accessories are the great combination from home decoration ideas Dallas. They know how to decorate the home perfectly and nicely with certain ideas and designs for others. They have wonderful collection to go. It is awesome and interesting.

Description: Home decor Dallas gives your home more wonderful picture. And you are lucky in Dallas because there are some companies offer the great offer with unbeatable price.


10 Best Collection of Famous Lamp Designers in Amazing Living Room Decoration

Famous Lamp Designers in Amazing Living Room Decoration

To decorate your living room, you may have some inspiration from the portfolio or some pictures of the modern living rooms. Decorating the living room actually is not too difficult. Some elements that will be recommended by the designers are the lighting of your living room. Lighting will be the most important thing that you have to think of beauty. However, we should not only just take the lighting; we can find the recommendation from famous Lamp Designers to choose it. In other way, you can find from the famous lamps designed by the designers which is installed in some rooms.

Unique Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Relaxing Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Modern Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Glamours Back Side Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Glamour Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


The beautiful eclectic lamp from Chicago seems like the beautiful lighting designed by Rebekkah Devies Interior + Design. This is beautiful lamp with the elegant bright white covers. The concept of the eclectic appears on the unique body of the lighting. It is simple and stylish moreover with the beautiful lighting seat. Famous light designers are so perfect in beautiful package of the famous Lamp Designers.

Cute Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Cool Modern Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Cool Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Ball Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


Adorable Modern Lamp Designers in Living Room Decoration


In a Normady House, beautiful tree floor lamp is designed perfectly with the wonderful interior design designed by A+B Kasha Design. Famous lamp makers are beautiful concept of the lighting inspired by the French artist which is made from the South of French. The branch of the standing stick for this lamp looks so unique and stylish. It is so beautiful as the tree lamp design. The famous Lamp Designers of these lamps would make the room beauty with the concept of the rustic house. That is why; the branch tree of the famous lamp looks so perfect and wonderful to be such a beautiful house.

Meanwhile, from Tm Barber LTD Architect also has such a beautiful concept of the modern living space with by bringing the famous Lamp Designers. The rustic canyon new home looks so elegant and wonderful with the elegant concept of the space. It is so beautiful with the bright pale accent of the cream wallpaper. Combination of the modern famous lamps with the golden stick looks so elegant for this modern living room decoration. So, which famous lamps do you want to choose?

Description: Famous lamp designers of the house would be such a beautiful idea for being your modern lighting to your house. It is so elegant and stylish furniture design.



10 Best Collection of Charming Pink Sofa Pillows for Living Room

Charming Pink Sofa Pillows for Living Room

Living room has become favorite place to gather with family and friends to share everything in the right moment. The guests will also give bright comment on it when they are entering this room by looking around at glance of your living room. You deserve make them shout out with your taste to present cozy and beautiful living room. Put something cheerful there with pink sofa pillows for living room. It will really help you making the guests give their positive response.

Simple Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Relaxing Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Rectangle Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Pinky Room And Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Pendant Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Nevertheless, it does not mean that you just pick the choice of pink pillow. You need consideration before running the plan. Whenever you are going to choose the pink sofa pillow collections, there are several things must be thought. Find the living room’s scheme and decide what type of pillow you are going to insert there. Scheme determines the option of pillow because it will improve the compatibility between the nuance of room and pink sofa pillows for living room.

Intresting Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Impressive Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Fashionable Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Elegant Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


Classic Pink Sofa Pillows for Living room


There is a wide collection of the pillow for sofa. Nevertheless, you must be wise to select the proper one according to the room’s scheme, living room’s nuance, and accent. It will be very fun when it is combining color in the living room even more this room is usually for gathering many people. It should present something cozy and entertaining. Pink is one of bright color which brings something cheerful and loveable. You deserve to purchase pink sofa pillows for living room now.

Shop a set of the products while they are still available. You can find them in the online shop or store. You can also look up the sample of these products in the websites in order that you can get the most beautiful pink sofa pillows. They come with different design, style, size, and also finish. There should be combination on the pillows not only pink. This color is very suitable to complete another bright and natural color such as white, green, cream, and many more. Shop pink sofa pillows for living room now then!

Description: Pink sofa pillows for living room gives you a completion of room decoration. It may improve the nuance of cheerful in the room. You should consider the design and more.


The 10 Best Collection of Tips and Trick to Have Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Tips and Trick to Have Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Whether the home owner is female or male, the presence of modern rooms with a feminine touch is a right way to create cozy feeling upon the house. The main characteristics of feminine including soft, cheerful, and warm are believable to make plenty of comfort once you step the feet into the room. The review bellow would show you some brilliant trick and tips on how to make those girly accents adorn every part of your house.

Trendy Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Teenager Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Simple Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Romantic Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Modern Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Choice of color is the first tips to have feminine modern room. Some soft colors as pastel colors and pinks are the basic tone for creating such feminine touch coming to the room. A peach colored drapery would never fail to make a girly look. Once it is combined with peach bergere sofas and modern white clean lined hanging pendants, a perfect modern room with a feminine touch is already created. The additions as sofa cushions should be in soft colors to make bold statements.

Luxurius Living Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Living Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Living Room And Kitchen Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Elegant Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Beautiful Rooms with a Feminine Touch


After dealing with the color, then, we should know that details are so important in making great feminine touch coming to yours. Pick any furnishings with polka dots, strips, or floral motif to welcome any guests with nice look of girly feel. For example, polka dots accents of shades and stripped window treatment would make modern rooms with a feminine touch.

The main characteristic deciding whether it is masculine or feminine touch is the choice of furnishing. This is the last idea you should know well. In order to have fascinating feminine modern room with you, knowing the rules of furnishing is indeed essential. A tufted leatherette chairs with beautiful faux fur rug are ready to boasts up the looks of the room. Adding glass coffee table is also good to make a great modern room with a feminine touch.

Description: modern rooms with a feminine touch can be created from several ways. The following review provides you some tips to make it real. Check them out.


 Best 10+ of The Living Room Cabinet

The Living Room Cabinet

Make any detail consideration for living room decoration should really be the right step that you can do for your own living room concept. It can be a good thing when you have special kind of detail in it, so you can also realize different atmosphere as the comfort zone for you and also your family. Then, to get better and new kind of atmosphere, it will also better when you choose the new detail concept in it, like concern of Living Room Cabinet idea.

living room bookshelves and cabinets Interior dining room cabinet Fabulous White Living Room With Cool Lcd Tv Cabinet enclosed tv cabinet storage Contemporary Living Room With Chaiselounge And Wood Cabinets

The existence of high quality room cabinet in there will really bring different atmosphere for the whole house. You have to remember that living room take important role as the frontline of the whole house decoration condition, so you have to put the perfect concept inside it. You cannot choose wrong idea of Living Room Cabinet detail, because it will really bring negative effect for the final result of the decoration.

It will be an easy thing when you also accompanied by the expert of interior design to get all the choice done perfectly. But, it will also be a thing which gives you special direction of satisfaction when you apply all the detail based on your own creativity. In basic, you just need to make sure that you choose the right Living Room Cabinet idea that really matched with the basic theme of the room.

wall mount tv cabinets, wall, furniture, cabinets The living room cabinet Rustic Living Room Ideas With Hardwood Floors Modular Living room Shelving Living Room Design

Then, when you have minimalist house concept, the white and simple Living Room Cabinet idea can be the match detail for it. You do not have to worry about the right model and creativity that you can apply for the cabinet model, because you can easily get the example of the design in the internet. Try to find many creativity of idea from right reference, and then you can get the perfect one in easy step.

10 The Best Amazing Fake Fireplace for Decorating the Living Room

Amazing Fake Fireplace for Decorating the Living Room

Decorating your living room must not always be in real items. Somehow, you may think about the fake items. One of the beautiful fake items that you may choose for decorating your living room is the beautiful Fake Fireplaces. This fireplace is designed in a fake style, but it is very beautiful in appearance and design. You may take a look of our collections of beautiful living room with the fireplace in fake style. It must be such a beautiful idea for getting the beautiful living room.

Sandstone Fireplace

Living Room Amazing Stone Fireplace

Floating Shelf Fireplace

Excellent Faux Fireplace Stones Panel Design

Decorations Fireplace

The fist stunning Fake Fireplaces that we can find is the beautiful fireplace in the dreamy whites. Do you like white fireplace? If you like the white fireplace, you may look at this beautiful fake heater. This wonderful fake heater is design in sweet and clean style. Fake fireplace ideas are very beautiful as the home room design. Beautiful concept of the elegant wall clocks above of the fireplace also the accessories of this fake heater.

From Painted Room interior also brings the fireplace with the dark color for the optional of the fireplace in the room. This beautiful fireplace is chosen from the Fake Fireplaces to decorate the living room. To create the warm feeling for the owner, the fireplace is made from the brown wood accent. Electric fireplaces are very beautiful especially with the bright brown accent of this fake heater.  To beautify the room, the designer of this fake heater brings the accessories of the dried branches on the big pot. It is so elegant.

Christmas Fireplace Decorating

Building a Faux Fireplace

White Fireplace

Surprising Fireplace

Stacked Stone Fireplace

From Juliet Pegrum design also would be the beautiful idea for being your room decoration. The Upper West Side Apartment by Juliet brings the wonderful faux fireplace in bright white accent. It is so unique with the cane work design. Something which makes the living room beautiful is the additional of the unique rustic round mirror for the wall decoration above of the fireplace. These beautiful living room collections with the Fake Fireplaces concept would be such a good idea for decorating your house.

The Best How to Select the Comfortable Sofa Beds

How to Select the Comfortable Sofa Beds

The Comfortable sofa beds will make you relaxed. You might get so tired of working for whole day. You should pay on your body on the comfortable beds. But if you want to have the relaxing time inside the living room, the Comfortable sofa is needed. Of course you should buy the sofa in the good selection. But some of you might not have any idea to the good sofa specification. So, we come here for sharing you the information about that. We will talk about how to buy the good sofa.

convertible sectional sofa bed cheap convertible sofa bed castro convertible sofa beds best convertible sofa bed Appealing Choose Comfortable Sleeper Sofa Bed

Choose the good material. You have to get the soft sofa. It offers the comfort for you. When you are in the shops, you should ask the shopkeepers to show you their best collection. Usually, the best collection of sofa uses the best material also. Then, you can ask for the price. The Comfortable sofa beds in the best material will be so expensive. You don’t have to worry about that. Sometimes they offer a special discount for you to get.

Then, you have to get the Comfortable sofa beds which are in line with the size of the living room. You might have the large living room. The application of sofa here should be large also. But for the small living room decoration, you should choose the small sofa only. After getting the appropriate size for the sofa and living room decoration, you have to apply it in the right position. It will be guided by the layout.

thompson convertible sofa bed Microfiber Sofa Bed Flexsteel Thornton Queen Sofa Bed Room Elegant and Comfortable Corner Sofa convertible sofa bed

Those two considerations above should be known. Then, you should get the Comfortable sofa beds in the lower price. If you think that the sofa is too expensive, you may change your mind to go to the other shops. We know that you have understood well about managing the budget. So, we don’t talk about managing the budget.

Top 25 of Moroccan Living Room for an Exotic Interior Style

Moroccan Living Room for an Exotic Interior Style

Moroccan living room ideas are most definitely the sure shot way of getting a living room to look exotic and extremely interesting. Moroccan décor is a very interesting theme to go with when one is decorating a living room and this is the best option if you are bored of traditional and conventional design.

Morocco has a long history with many different rulers which have left its mark on the country’s architecture. Moroccan living room ideas are usually so designed so that all the space in the room is well utilized and elegance and sophistication, with a hint of the orient is achieved.

Moroccan living room ideas are best found online. You would want to have a complete idea of the key features of Moroccan design before implementing them so that you can get the full benefit of the beauty that is Moroccan design.

The key elements of Moroccan design hardly take up space – what we meant to say is, this kind of design or theme will work in all kinds of spaces – large or small. First and foremost, a key aspect of Moroccan living room ideas is the fact that the bulky type of furniture is done away with. Yes, that is right, the Oriental style of floor seating is a well thought out design of Moroccan living room ideas. So even if you have a small room, if you decide to go with Moroccan décor, you will be able to make the most of whatever space that you might have.

Low lying mattresses, plenty of throw pillows, floor cushions which are comfy and very large, bolsters, and low stools are all an important part of Moroccan living room ideas. Poufs are another interesting item of Moroccan furniture – they are very low, stocky little stools which are upholstered completely, with a comfy cushion perched on top. These look adorable and since they are lightweight, they can easily be moved around according to convenience. The emphasis, as you have guessed – is on low lying furniture.

The upholstery is also of great importance when it comes to Moroccan living room ideas. Moroccan designs are typical, with oblongs shapes and other geometric designs coming together to form intricate patterns all over the cloth. Rich red, burgundy, browns, purple etc. are preferred colors when it comes to Moroccan designs and upholstery. You can also have this typical design adorn your walls, either as wall paper which is customized to meet your needs or as wall decals. Tapestries which are framed and hung as pictures can also be used to decorate walls and this is also a typical Moroccan thing to do.

Last but not the least, lighting is very important when one is thinking about doing up ones living room in the manner of Moroccan styles. Low hanging lamps with ornate and mosaic patterns, soft lighting and elaborate table lamps are the order of the day when it comes to Moroccan living room ideas. The emphasis is again on softness and subtlety which is hallmark of Moroccan design and therefore it would be a wise decision to use yellow lights for the lamps. A few candles scattered here and about would not hurt the décor either.

Having Moroccan lounge rooms is fun for you can fetch the ethnic design. Moroccan design is still trendy to follow since most people love to enjoy the diverse cultures in the house. If you love traveling into different countries, you can purchase souvenirs and set them as the collectible items in the room. Your sitting room can be a nice place to display the valuable souvenirs around the world. You can mix and match different cultures by using small pieces.

The seating area in the room can be in floral pattered couch. You can have it made in aqua blue color to signify the relaxing view. The mosaic patterned coffee table can be arranged n in the middle of the room to bring fantastic Moroccan decor. If you like to add Asian accent on the Moroccan lounge rooms, you can pick the Japanese pattered chair and sofa. The Indian area rug can be made in red color to convey the eye catching design. You can distinguish the exotic and sensual atmosphere by dominating the room with red color. But make sure that you can choose the right tone of red.

The bloody red is not good for it is too frustrating to view in longer hours. You can choose a rich shade of maroon or wine red color. You can pick interesting prints to make the Moroccan room nice and exotic. You can go with batik print if you like to represent the Indonesian style in the room. If you want to bring the Hawaiian look, you can select the toss pillow in palm leafy pattern or hibiscus pattern. Pick the colorful shades in turquoise, fuchsia, hot pink, or even violet to make the room fascinating. The lovely colors in warm mood of sunset yellow and orange can brighten the Moroccan lounge rooms.

The 18 Best Collection of Rustic Western Living Room Interior Decor Style

Rustic Western Living Room Interior Decor Style

If you are thinking of improving the way your living room looks then look up Western living room ideas which will instantly spruce up a dull living room by injecting it with an appealing theme and a therefore, consequently, a fun vibe. Themed rooms are always popular and the Western design has always been a great hit with home makers because of its rustic appeal and obvious elegance. Also, it is very easy to incorporate a Western decor into your home, you can be thrifty while you are at it and in this manner, you can make your living room stand out among the other rooms in the house in a cost effective manner.

The usual tenets of Western living room ideas involve chairs and sofas upholstered in warm leather – preferably with studs and a few fringes as well. This is a common feature as you must have noticed with all Western movies. Another good thing about Western living room ideas is that they are rather minimalist, in the sense that they do not allow the room to get crowded. One might argue that Western inspired furniture is anything but minimalist, but by minimalist design we mean that the Western theme installs a few items of furniture in the room – a chunky sofa set, a coffee table and a pedestal lamp – is enough and more for living room decor where this theme is concerned.

Western living room ideas can be implemented in both modern and traditional homes, albeit in different ways. For example, in a traditional home there is space for burnished wood furniture in slightly elaborate designs, whereas, for contemporary and modern decor homes, slimline and minimalist wooden decor with a built in storage space option. Sleek and low lying furniture is the key here.

Natural and earthy tones will dominate the decor, be it in wall paint or wall paper, rugs and carpets or furniture and curtains. Use tones and shades of beige, tan, taupe, brown and rust and complement them with cream or yellow accents to make the best of the decor. For example, your primary wall color can be a deep beige or a rust and you can have cream upholstery or tan upholstery on your sofas.

Western living room ideas also incorporate wall decals in a big way into the scheme of things and once this has been implemented, you can watch how your living room instantly transforms into something unique.

Wall paper or wall murals depicting Western landscapes, replete with cacti and horses, cowboys and lassos can be a part of your living room wall theme. Choose this for one wall as all four walls might look a little overdone. Also, you can think about hanging posters from famous Western movies on your wall, having spur shaped coasters on your table, horseshoes above your door for good luck and other such popular motifs of Western decor scattered all over the living room as part of your Western theme. Distressed furniture is a well loved theme here so buy them from antique stores or garage sales and refurbish them as per requirement.

2024 Best of Tips While Opting for Living Room Flooring Ideas

Tips While Opting for Living Room Flooring Ideas

Living room flooring greatly reflect on one’s personality and preferences. There are so many kinds of flooring materials and ideas available today, that they are mind-boggling. But apart from your personal preference, there are aspects which need to be kept in mind while deciding upon the flooring. The material, how durable it will be, how much maintenance it will take, and how much it will cost are just some of the issues pertaining to this decision.

Living room flooring ideas need careful and sustained thought on how you want your living room to look. The flooring will add to not just the colours, but the personality of the room. Wooden flooring is very popular, as are tiles. Hardwood flooring is an expensive, but beautiful flooring plan. Hardwood flooring is of various kinds. The layout and the colour coordination needs to be thought of well, before opting for it. It is slightly high on the maintenance scale, but hardwood gives off a rich, elegant feel to the living room, and also makes it look very warm and inviting. Matching the furniture to the flooring is imperative. This needs to be thought of before the furniture or the flooring is decided upon, and bought. Marble floors are also very common, and tiles are of many kinds, and most of them are very low maintenance.

The living room is almost always the centre-point of the house. And how it looks and feels will depend greatly on the kind of flooring done on it. The flooring is not just responsible for the ambience of that room, but also influences the ambience of the other rooms in the house. For those who are of a more eco-friendly bent of mind, bamboo-wood flooring is the way to go. It gives the living room a wooden finish without being harmful to the eco-system. Living room flooring ideas should also be governed by the people who will be frequenting the room. For a house with toddlers in it, marble flooring for the living room may not be the best possible idea because toddlers tend to fall a lot, and marble flooring will not help. Carpeting the living room is the best option when one is worried about accidents happening in this room.

Tiles can also suit living rooms. There are many textured tiles up for grabs, which add a lot of depth and attitude to the living room. Stone tiles are also an option for people who are going for a more rustic feel for their living rooms. The rustic edge can also be achieved with unpolished hardwood flooring. For a more elegant feel to it, marble flooring is always a very good option. It looks decadent, and with the right kind of furniture and lighting, the room will look very glamorous and sophisticated. Terracotta tiles or natural stone tiles, and also ceramic tiles are some options which can be explored while figuring out living room flooring ideas.

The 18 Best Collection of Country Living Room Decor for Warm and Nostalgic Nuance

Country Living Room Decor for Warm and Nostalgic Nuance

Country living room furniture is reminiscent of all things pleasant, warm and nostalgic. The countryside is exemplified by simplicity, beauty, nature and warmth. It contrasts greatly with the chrome and steel city life and urban alienation. However, for those of us who must live in the city, there is no reason why we cannot replicate some of the warmth of the countryside with the furniture in our living rooms.

Living rooms are a place of recreation and relaxation, and should, therefore, reflect upon what we consider to be relaxing and pleasing. Country living room furniture is for those who yearn for the countryside. It is for those who love to escape into the feeling which only countryside goodness can bring about.

The living room is also a place where we entertain our guests, and where we spend quality time with our families. Therefore, this room, more than any other room, reflects on our person. Country living room furniture is characteristic of a warm, inviting feeling. The room should look very homely and cozy, and should feel inviting. Far from the more urbane, minimalistic approach, countryside living rooms are, more than anything else, inviting and comfortable.

Wood is something which is most widely used for the country living room furniture. Instead of being made into sleek, minimalistic designs, countryside furniture is usually large, homely, and comforting. Neutral colours are usually offset with colourful, cheerful patterns. The floral print is very typical of country living room furniture, and should be used liberally for a living room inspired by the same.

The room should look cozy, and the furniture should be placed so as to bring about such a feel to the room. Big, ornate cabinets can be placed in the room in order to inspire a more countryside feeling. The checkered pattern is also very common, and should therefore, be used strategically so as to not overwhelm the room with patterns while still being reminiscent of the countryside.

There is no reason for country living room furniture to not reflect certain sophisticated touches. A centre table, a few lampshades and good carpeting can always bring about touches of elegance, but overall, the countryside prides itself on comfort based living décor, so make sure your living room is filled with furniture that is not just cozy, but also comfortable.

The urban edge enters with other accessories such as the television set, the sound-system, the lighting, and other such touches, but make sure the room looks inviting and bright at all times. The lighting should not be glaring, but it should not be too dim either. Countryside furniture is always bright and cheerful.

Make sure the upholstery on your sofa and chairs aim at perfecting that effect. There are many antique stores which sell furniture which is inspired by the countryside décor. Raiding these stores is a good idea and these pieces of furniture add more character to any room. Be sure to select rustic, homely furniture which is bright and welcoming.

The 5 Best Collection of Multipurpose Decoration for Living Room

Multipurpose Decoration for Living Room

The decoration living room ideas are functional if they come in multipurpose design.   Living room is the main place in the house that people always use to amuse and entertain the guests. If you live in a small space, you can pick the simple and multipurpose decoration. So, the space in the living room is not only great to use for socializing and gathering. You can have it to relax, read books, or even watch movies. The multipurpose style in the living room is more functional since the need for the occupants in the house can be fulfilled easily.

Kids can gather here and play poker with their parents. You can also enjoy the lovely music with your spouse at night. The entertainment space in the room plays significant design. You can use it as the decoration living room ideas. You can decorate with a shelving unit to save your valuable and interesting books and DVD collection. A mounted TV on the wall is great if you like to have home theater. Don’t forget to think about the sound system in the room. The color used to accent the living room can be in neutral shade if you want to make it modern and minimalist.

If you like to enjoy warm feeling when spending time in the room, you can go with warm colors in brown, yellow, orange or red. But make sure that you can pick the second color in soft tone to reduce the overwhelming look. If you like to make the living room comfortable, you can build a small fireplace. It can make your family warm to pass through the winter months. You can set a lounge sofa in front of the fireplace area. To carry romantic mood in decoration living room ideas, you can set a small lamp in soft glow.

2024 Best of Interior Living Room Designs in Sport Theme

Interior Living Room Designs in Sport Theme

Sport theme is one of the best interior living room designs that you can pick to carry new feeling.  A living room is also considered as a family room since this is the space where you can congregate with family. The decoration in the room should look unique and nice. It will be great if it can represent the character and personal taste of your family. The decoration in the room should reflect the lifestyle of the people in the house. You can impress the visitors with a unique theme when they want to have casual conversation with you. A sport theme is considered as a universal theme.

Most people love sport. You need to narrow the selection by picking the type of sport theme to use in the room. You need to make a discussion with the occupants in the house when determining the sport type. If all of you are agree with basket ball theme, you can pick a particular basketball team. Use the color or the basket ball theme logo to define the focal wall. The rest of three walls can be painted in a neutral color. Then you can shop for interesting merchandises of the basketball theme to arrange and display on the fireplace area. They can accentuate the sport interior living room designs.

The entertainment space in the room should be presented. You can set a LED TV on the wall. Your family can gather here and sit on the sofa when they want to watch the favorite basket ball team on fire when the game begins. Make sure that each person in the room is comfortable when sitting on the family room. You can pick the fluffy sofa in a neutral color with some toss pillows. Pick the multipurpose coffee table to cozier zone in interior living room designs.

Top 10 of How to Measure the Chandelier in Living Room Height

How to Measure the Chandelier in Living Room Height

A chandelier in living room height will add certain grandeur and elegance to the living room. The sparkle and dazzle of the chandelier is something that will enhance the mood of the living room. However, the presence of a chandelier can easily overpower the room itself as well as the inhabitants of the room, when it is too large. However, when it is too small, it would be too insignificant to create an impact and it would decrease the value of the entire living room.

Elegant Chandelier In Living Room Natural Chandelier In Living Room Amazing Chandelier In Living Room Wooden Chandelier In Living Room Planet Chandelier In Living Room

To have the perfect chandelier in living room height, you need to measure the length as well as the width of the living room. The numbers should be added and then considered thoroughly to compare with the diameter of the chandelier. The ideal measurement of the chandelier would be 2 to 3 inches per foot of the wall height. So, if you have a living room measured at 10 foot high ceiling, 18 feet in length and 16 feet in width, you need a chandelier with the size of 34 inches in diameter.

The next thing to consider for the chandelier in living room height would define the different conversations areas or functions. You can use the table at the center of the room to provide you for the guideline of where you would be installing the chandelier so that it is going to be centered as well. If you are using multiple chandeliers, divide the diameter of the table with the number of the hanging chandelier.

Contemporary Chandelier In Living Room Unique Chandelier In Living Room Simple Chandelier In Living Room White Chandelier in Living Room Fire Chandelier In Living Room

If you are using a rectangular table, then you may need to consider using the rectangular chandelier in living room height. This would be similar for the dining room. This will create the same proportions and make the room look great. The chandelier should be hang in such height the bottom part of it would be no less than 30 inches of the table surface which is directly underneath it.

Description: How do you measure and calculate the chandelier in living room height so that the chandelier can be hung at the perfect height and also with the perfect size.


Top 10 of Bold and Bright 2016 Living Room Color Trends

Bold and Bright 2016 Living Room Color Trends

The existence of living room in a home is very important as it will be the first part inside your home that people may see. Afterwards, colors of a home are as important as the existence of living room. It cannot be denied that the selection of colors of a home will influence the whole nuance and feel of the home. Talking about living room and colors, there are many great 2016 living room color trends that you can choose.

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Bold and Fresh Living Room Color for 2016


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Choosing the right color for your living room is very important to make your whole home looks beautiful. You have to know that a beautiful home will make the home itself feel comfortable, so you can stay at your own home comfortably. Color trends for a living room in 2016 are very interesting to be tried as some of the colors have bold and bright style. These color trends will make your home looks strong and brave yet still warm and lovable.

Even though white is always great for everyone because of its versatility, in 2016 you can try light colors as the living room paint color schemes. You can try colors like blue, green, orange, yellow, maroon, red, etc. Besides that, you can also use wallpaper with floral patterns. You should know that there is no prohibition for you to combine one and another color to make your living room looks more attractive. Yet, you should convince that the colors will be mixed well.

2016 Contemporary Living Room Decor in Bold Color


2016 Bright Modern Living Room Design with White Walls and a Wall-Mounted Tv


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Inspiration for Next 2016 Living Room in Bold Color


In addition, bold and bright colors will be better to be combined with other neutral colors as making the room with only one bold or bright color will make the room looks boring and too-striking. You have to remember that all you need to do is to choose striking colors, but not make your living room looks too-striking. Overall, if you want to make your living room and, of course, your home looks attracting the 2016 living room color trends will work for you.