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10 Photos Good-looking Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas

Good-looking Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas

Living in small living space probably will not be your compliment. However, it would not be a problem when you have some ideas to decorate your small space with the appropriate furniture inside. Especially for your bathroom, for sure in a small living space, your bathroom would be designed in small space also. Moreover you have to do the right things to make your small bathroom with the right Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces. Here are some beautiful design ideas for you who want to get the beautiful bathroom ideas even you have only a small space.

Toilet for Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Simple Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Neat White Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Modern Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Marble In a Bathroom Design


Beautiful bathroom ideas from Joni Spear Interior Design are so fun and delicious. We do not think about the bathroom for the first glance seeing this amazing bathroom. It is designed perfectly by patching the large mirror on the wall. Bathroom ideas photo gallery produces the reflections of the room becomes the larger space. This wonderful Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces is more beautiful by giving the wall decoration with the beautiful floral accent on the wall. The beautiful white with the brown floral accent becomes the special touché to this minimalist bathroom.

Intresting Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Impressive Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Flower Theme Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Elegant Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


Artistic Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces Design Ideas


On the other hand, to design the bathroom is more comfortable, so you may think of the furniture. Adding the furniture with the minimalist furniture like the minimalist white sink is very good idea. The unique and slim stainless still faucet is very beautiful and elegant. It is so perfect and wonderful to be such a beautiful design for your minimalist bathroom. Adding the indoor flowers inside is also good way to create the more fresh air in your Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces.

Meanwhile, beautiful bathroom ideas from Hermann Loft Renovation also look so perfect. Bathroom decor is designed by Content Architecture from Houston, TX looks so simple by the only decoration bathroom with the large mirror. However, this small bathroom is not only bathroom, but the small space of this bathroom is also added by the space shower room in brilliant design. The large bathroom mirror brings the room larger than the real size with the brilliant Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces.

Description: Bathroom ideas for small spaces might be little bit complicated to be designed for comfortable bathroom. However some small bathrooms prove that small is also beautiful.


10 Best Collection of Practical Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Practical Bathroom Vanity Cabinets


Choosing the best bathroom vanity cabinet is not a difficult thing to do. But ofcourse nowadays more and more furniture stores offer practical bathroom vanity cabinets with some sale or discount deal. Here are some considerations so you can still get the best practical bathroom vanity cabinets with good quality and design :

Bathroom cabinet Bathroom Cabinet Wall Idea Practical Bathroom Vanity Cabinets practical bathroom vanity cabinet modern contemporary bathroom that was practical

– Know the specific size of vanity cabinets that perfectly matched with your bathroom area. 42 Inch bathroom vanity is the best one when 36 and 20 inch also very good ones. Actually there are another size you can consider to use, but we recommend practical bathroom vanity cabinets with 42 inch for the best size of bathroom vanity you can consider to choose. Not only because the size of large, there are some 42 inch bathroom vanities still come with cheap and average prices. So they don’t right when they say 42 inch also come with expensive price. If you find it more, especially on internet, there are so many bathroom vanities with great quality and great price consideration.

Modern Bathroom Modern Bathroom Cabinet Beautiful Bathroom Cabinet Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Bathroom Vanities

– What about designs and styles? Practical bathroom vanity cabinets same like cabinets for another type of rooms, also come with various designs and styles. From the wooden simple one to the contemporary ones. There are also some vanity cabinets with various colors you can pick for the best recommendation.

– Well, actually it’s true that with great and big size, you will get the best result look for your whole bathroom design. But if you have small size of bathroom area, don’t force yourself to pick the bathroom vanity cabinet with big size. Maybe there is a bathroom vanity cabinet that perfectly suit with your choice, look, taste and budget. We totally hope you will get the best cabinet that maximize the look of your bathroom interior. Good luck!


15 Ideas of 15 Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath/shower Mats Decor Ideas

15 Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath/shower Mats Decor Ideas

Bathroom rugs are one of those things that you just have to have. Unlike welcome mats, these rugs actually are more for functional purposes rather than something that is decorative. You can have these rugs on the outside of the bathroom, the inside right where the tub or shower is, or both. They serve as a liquid absorber to prevent you from having to walk around the house with wet feet. There are a lot of different types of designs and styles and even shapes that you have to choose from.

Although most people use these for the purposes of soaking in excess water when they step out of the bath or shower, since you have so many different types of rugs to choose from, they can also be used as a decorative piece. They can be made of all types of material and have all kinds of patterns or designs on them. You will want to look for something that will go well with the other all color scheme of your bathroom. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. You can have a bathroom rug that is different from everything else and still be able to make the bathroom look appealing.

If you want a better match, you might want to get some bathroom rug sets that will come with different things like a rug for you shower or tub entrance, a cover for your toilet seat, and another rug for the sink. These sets will normally come in the same color or at least something similar. You will want to pick something that will look nice but also something that will absorb the water in an efficient way. Some materials soak up and hold the water better than others. You don’t want to get ones where the water will just go right through the rug. You may also want to prefer a thick and fluffy rug that will feel nice and soft on your feet. During the cold winter days, stepping on these type of rugs will definitely help warm you up a bit although they will hold water so you will need to dry them out or toss them into the washer and dryer.

There are different shapes that you can get as well. Instead of the normal rectangle shape, you can try round bathroom rugs instead. If you have kids that seem to always get the bathroom floor wet, you can try putting large bathroom rugs to cover more ground. In terms of cost, since rugs for your bathroom is such a common thing, you should be able to get it for under $30. If you buy a bathroom rug set, you will save money in terms of the number of rugs and covers that you will get. You can buy these online or at any bath store.

Bath/Shower Mats

Did you know that over 150,000 people are injured each year by slipping and falling in a tub or a shower? This is probably not too big of a surprise given the fact that most tub or shower floors are smooth and lack of any traction. For this reason, in order to help keep you and your family safe, you will want to use a shower mat. The main purpose of using one of these mats is to provide you with a surface that will make it harder for you to slip.

There are different types of shower mats that you can get. Some are more decorative than others but they all help in some way to give your feet more traction and allow you to have a better grip of the floor you are standing on. Things like soap or shampoo can cause a regular shower floor to become even more slippery and if you aren’t careful, you can hurt yourself. The fact that showers are small make falling even worse since you are sure to hit something if you do fall such as the side of the shower, the door, or even the faucet.

What you will want to look for in a door mat is its ability to stick to the floor as well as provide you with secure footing. Some mats are better than others. You can get one of the many non slip shower mats for better support. Some mats will help prevent you from slipping by having a rough surface on the top but it might not be good at sticking to the floor. If some water and soap gets underneath it, this can cause the mat to move and slide which can cause you to slip and fall.

Not all shower mats are used inside the tub or shower however. They can be used right outside your shower as well. Since your feet will be wet, there is still a danger of slipping on your bathroom floor. You can get a simple rug for this purpose but as you know, those can hold in water and can sometimes cause an odor. There are certain types of mats such as a teak shower mat that you can use which will not only give you a place to drain water from your feet and body but will also give your bathroom a nice look as well.

You can purchase any of these types of mats at bath stores as well as online. In terms of design and style, you will have a wide range of choices to choose from. You can get a round shower mat, a blue one, a large one, one that massages your feet, etc. When choosing a mat, you will want to make sure you get one that has a surface that will keep you safe. The bottom of the mat is important as well. You might want to get ones that have suction cups on the bottom so that it sticks to the floor better. You will also want to get ones that have holes in them to help drain surface water. You will also want to look for ones that inhibit things like bacteria and mold.

A shower mat can also help make your shower look better as well so there are plenty of neat designs that you can get but the main purpose is to either help prevent you from slipping or to help dry the water off of your feet. You can get the majority of these mats for under $40. Most can be found for under $15 or so.

2024 Latest 20 Stunning Bathroom and Laundry Storage Ideas

20 Stunning Bathroom and Laundry Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage is about being able to create more space than you think you have. There are a lot of different ways to add more storage space to your current bathroom. Why would anyone want to do this? Well, the same reason why you would buy extra cabinets and drawers for your clothes. We need places to put all of our items from towels, extra toilet paper, to the hair dryer. There just doesn’t ever seem to be enough room for everything. Here are some storage ideas that my help you out.

The first is the most common which is to buy some bathroom storage cabinets. These can be of any size and can be attached to different spots around the bathroom. You can get them in all sorts of colors to match any décor you may have. Since you may already have something like this, how about some other ideas to make the most out of the space that is currently empty. One thing you can do is utilize the corner of your bathroom. You can buy a corner rack that will fit right into that empty space and store your towel perhaps.

You can buy drawers that will pull out as a towel hanger. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, do what people do in cities with a large population, build high buildings. In this case you will want to buy some tall bathroom storage furniture that will make the most use of the air space that you have. You can add some extra shelves on those empty walls to store different items. How about the spot behind your toilet? You can buy one of those bathroom storage units that you can assemble and slide right over your toilet.

There are actually a ton of different things you can do. You can buy boxes, racks, dividers, or even create a compartment in your wall. By having more places to put all of your bathroom items, you will be able to make it look a little less messy. Just don’t go overboard. A bathroom filled with cabinets, shelves and drawers can look really stuffy. You will want to choose some sort of balance.

Laundry Room Storages

Laundry day: To some, it’s a day where they finally get to wash and clean their clothes. For them, it’s a joyous moment. To others, it’s just another boring chore. Whether you like it or not, cleaning your laundry is something that you must do. In order to make it less of a hassle, you will want to make sure your laundry room is kept organized and clean. It just doesn’t make sense to clean your clothes in a dirty and messy looking room. For this to be easy, you will need some type of laundry room storage. There are a lot of different types of storage products you can buy so let’s take a look at a few of them.

One thing you will need is a place to put things like your detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners. What you use to store these things will depend on how your laundry room is set up. If all you have is basically your washer and dryer, then you will need to install some sort of laundry room storage unit. If you have a small room, then what you can do is install some basic shelves. These can be simple floating shelves you can get at any hardware store for under $50 and attach to the wall with some brackets.

If you need more space for things such as towels and bed sheets for example, then you may want to get laundry room storage cabinet. These cabinets are made for room with a little bit more size. Although, if you have enough wall space above your washer and dryer, that will work as well. You can get these laundry room storage cabinets in various sizes as well as colors. Many of them will come with a hanging rod for you to hang dresses and shirts as well. This can be convenient if you do your ironing in your laundry room.

You have a choice of standing cabinets, over the washer cabinets, shelves, drawers, and even racks. What you get depends on the size of your room as well as what you plan on storing there. The bigger your laundry room is the more options you will have. If you don’t really have much room to install anything due to having no wall space, then what you can also do is get a cart where you can easily store your items. You can buy laundry room storage products online for a couple of hundred dollars for the cabinets and shelves. Some smaller and simpler ones can run under $100.

Since you have to do your laundry every week anyway, walking into a room that is organized and neat will make laundry day a little less of a hassle. If you have an awkward room where the walls and the spacing makes it hard to find anything standard that will fit, then you can also get custom laundry room storage products to better fit your needs. You can also find and buy these online.

15 Best 15 Stunning Walk-in Tubs Design Ideas

15 Stunning Walk-in Tubs Design Ideas

There are many things that we take for granted in life. For most people, when they are young and vibrant, still in good health, they will spend much of their life working hard in order to get where they want to go while neglecting their health. As they get older, things that used to be easy start to become hard. This can be due to years of not taking proper care of the body but it can also be due to old age or perhaps an injury. Whatever is the case, not being able to do this like take a bath on your own anymore can be quite a hassle. Fortunately, there are products such as walk in tubs to help make life a little bit easier.

Whether a person is unable to confidently bathe on their own without risk of injuring themselves due to just getting old or a disability, it can be hard on both the person and the people who need to help them. We all have to bathe to keep clean but most tubs are made for people who are in good physical health. For those who have trouble just getting over that 1 and a half foot side of the tub, getting clean can be a difficult task. This is why walk in bathtubs are made.

They generally look like any regular tub from afar but when you actually use it, you can see that there are certain distinct features that help make bathing an easier process to be done on one’s own. The first big feature is the opening door. This door eliminates the biggest hurdle of having to step over the side of the tub to get in. Since those who have weak knees and are frail can’t do this without risk of injury, having this door gives them the freedom to enter the tub simply by opening the door and stepping over a step that is only a few inches high. This will eliminate the need for someone having to carry them into the tub.

The door, once closed, is air tight as well as water tight so there won’t be any concerns of water leakage. Inside the tub, there will be a seat for the user to sit on as well as deck-mounted shower head, a soft grip safety handle, and a drain release to get rid of the water. The contoured seating makes the chair comfortable to sit on in order to make the experience of bathing as easy as possible. Some models will even have tub-wall jets for hydro massage action. This will make the user feel like they are sitting in the jacuzzi. The inside of the tub can be made of different materials such as porcelain, marble, and ceramic.

All of these features make these walk in bath tubs an ideal product to help make life a bit easier for those who have trouble bathing on their own. The cost of a walk in tub will depend on the type of tub that you get. There are some tubs that come will a load of accessories while some can be pretty basic and only have the necessities. You can get ones that you can install yourself or you can just hire someone to install it for you. In terms of brands, there are many you can choose from so what you will want to do is go online and read some of the reviews to see which premier walk in tubs are the best buys.

In general, you should be able to get these for about $2,000 to $5,000. Now if you get the walk in tubs that come fully loaded with accessories and you get it installed for you, then it can cost as high as $15,000. This may seem very expensive but you will need to consider the alternative. Many people will pay way more than this for assisted home living. You just have to way both the cost of not having one of these tubs as well as the added convenience of having one to use.

One of the hardest things to have to deal with as we age is realizing that we are not able to do a lot of the things we used to be able to do so easily. Unfortunately, this is just part of life. Although not every task can be made easier, products like walk in tubs certainly help. The more things that we can do on our own as we age, the more free and independent we will feel. Even things like having those chair lifts for stairs can help give us some of that freedom back. This is why it’s important to take care of your health as early as possible so you can prolong situations like this for as long as you can.

10 Inspirations Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget That Are Budget Friendly

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget That Are Budget Friendly

Limited budget is a common circumstance which is experienced by many homeowners. But now, fortunately there are bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget which will help you remodel your bathroom without spending too much money. First, try the bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget which is easy to do, that is installing some decorative tiles on your bathroom walls. Nowadays, there are many decorative tiles which are rich in accents and textures so that your bathroom’s walls look more stunning.

White Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Unique Plans Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Lovely Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Elegant Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Second, try bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget which focus on decorating your wall. Try to repaint your bathroom’s walls with the fresh colors which are different with the old colors used in your bathroom. This is a bathroom remodeling idea on a budget which is affordable because by repainting the walls, your bathrooms will look so different in nuance and ambience because colors affect the feeling.

Chandelier Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Candice Olson Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Candice Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Candice Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Blue Light Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Third, go with bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget which also focuses on walls by hanging some unique fancy wall arts. You can hang some abstract paintings in your bathroom’s walls, or you can install some floating shelves and display some photos that you feel best for decorating your bathroom’s shelves. This idea works well to make your bathrooms look much more unique and stunning but not expensive at all because

Fourth, try bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget which transform your bathrooms look fresher and more natural. Simply display some green potted plants in your bathrooms shelves, or display a large green potted plant near your bathtub or your window so and let the potted greens make your bathing experience is much more relaxing. As an addition, you also can display some flower pots to add color or install a plant box in your bathroom’s walls to give a more natural touch.

Description: Bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget such as installing decorative tiles on wall, repainting the walls, hang wall arts and display some green potted plants or plant boxes.


2024 Popular Cheap Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

Cheap Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are lots of different things that you can do to make major improvements without major expenses. Sometimes it takes a different perspective and a little bit of DIY work ethic, but you can certainly bring your bathroom into the 21st century on your own!

The biggest thing that you can do is to look at your bathroom like it’s not yours. Pretend that you’re walking into it for the first time. Look up, down, and side to side to see what your bathroom would look like to a stranger. If it’s outdated, poorly taken care of, or just dirty, note it. What you’ll do is figure out what needs to be taken care of first and make a plan for updating it from there.
The first thing that you’ll probably do is give your bathroom a deep clean. This might be enough to bring it back to life. Make sure that you take the globes off of your bathroom light fixtures and give them a deep clean, you’ll probably be surprised by how much crap comes off of them.

If cleaning isn’t enough, the cheapest thing to upgrade first is the accessories. You can have a big impact by changing the shower curtain, towels, towel racks, and rugs to a new and updated look. This can usually be done for well under a hundred bucks if you shop smart.

Next, take a look at the lighting. The light fixtures aren’t tough to upgrade, and almost every weekend warrior can do this job themselves. You’ll get the biggest impact from changing the bathroom vanity light fixtures first. With these lights you can set it up to improve the function of your bathroom as well. They should put off balanced light that isn’t too harsh.

Finally, you should look into upgrading the big things like cabinets, showers, and toilets. These obviously aren’t cheap, so be sure to tackle the easy ones first!

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a dungeon. Follow the simple tips above to get it up to date and make it a place that even a stranger wouldn’t mind taking care of their business in!

15 Ideas of 15 Beauty Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

15 Beauty Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

Are bathroom shower curtains important enough to even take the time to choose one over the other? Of course they are. The reason is because the curtains you choose for your shower will basically make or break the look of your entire bathroom. Many people will have really nice faucets and sinks and even a great looking toilet and just ruin it with an ugly looking shower curtain. This article will take a look at some of the different things you will want to look for when choosing the right curtains for your shower.

The first thing you will need to decide on is the type of material. There are a couple of main ones to choose from. If you are going for something that is cost effective, then you will want to get a bathroom shower curtain that is made of either vinyl or polyester. There are certain advantages to using one of these types of materials. The first advantage is that they are waterproof and do a great job of keeping the water inside the tub. In terms of functionality, that’s the main point of having these curtains. The second advantage is that because they are relatively cheap, you can just replace them once they start to build up too much mildew and soap scum.

The downside to these two types of bathroom shower curtains is that in terms of looks, they don’t do much for your bathroom especially if you are going for a more luxurious look. For attractiveness, you will want to go with cotton or linen. The downside to these materials is that they aren’t as effective at doing the main job of keeping water from getting outside of the tub. They are also not as waterproof. This means, you will need to keep them ventilated or do something to help them dry after you are done showering. However, you can get materials that have the best of both worlds such as hemp shower curtains. This material will look good and is also antibacterial.

You can look for and buy any of these curtains for your shower at the store or online. There is wide range of variety that you will have to choose from. You can get kids bathroom shower curtains with different fun designs on them if you don’t care about having that luxurious look, you can get bathroom shower window curtains, and other accessories as well. The cost of the curtain will really depend on the type of material you get, the quality, and where you buy them at. Vinyl ones can cost around $10 while other types of materials can cost hundreds of dollars. You can even get some that are custom made from interior designers as well. There are some materials and designs that just ooze of luxury and elegance.

Choosing the right bathroom shower curtains can really give your bathroom that nice elegant look. You can decide to get one for functionality and cost, luxury, or a hybrid between the two. In either case, just make sure you don’t overlook the importance of how your shower curtains play into the overall look of your bathroom.

If you want to enhance the look of your bathroom, there are a lot of different choices that you have. You can install a new shower, change up the flooring, or even get some new faucets. Those things can really make your bathroom look great but those particular options can be a bit expensive. Another thing you can do is get some nice fabric shower curtains. Many people have sliding doors but if you use curtains, then there are a lot of different looks that you can create with the right types of curtains.

Shower curtains can come in all different designs and be made from various materials. The main purpose of having these things is to keep water from splashing out onto your bathroom floor. Interestingly enough, in many countries, it’s completely normal for bathtubs not to have any curtains or sliding doors. The water simply gets drained out. Since having a wet floor isn’t an ideal thing to have for safety issues, having the options of putting up some covers to prevent the water from splashing out is ideal.

For most people, any type of fabric shower curtain will do. As long as it’s long enough and made of long lasting material, then it’s good enough for most people. However, if you want to go a step beyond and actually enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom, then you will want to get designer fabric shower curtains. There are a lot of different choices that you can choose from. There are hundreds of different designs to fit any taste. You can get solid colors like blue fabric shower curtains, patterns, or even ones with artistic designs on them.

In terms of cost, you should be able to get these curtains for your shower for under $30 or so. Instead of going to the store to pick the right one among the different choices, it would probably be better to search for them online. You will be able to view a greater range of choices and will also be able to compare the different prices more quickly as well. Besides the color and design, you will also want to get the right length as well. Some people prefer the curtains to not touch the floor while others want to get extra long fabric shower curtains just to make sure the water stays inside the tub.

As with anything you buy, when it comes to choosing specifically what to buy whether you’re getting white fabric shower curtains or anything else for your home, the important thing is that it enhances your current look instead of taking away from it. Most of the time, it comes down to the color scheme but quality comes into play as well. With curtains though, as long as it is made of durable material, you should be good to go.

2024 Best of How to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

How to Save Money on a Bathroom Remodel

Have a nice bathroom and comfortable is certainly a matter of pride. But often we are indifferent to this one room, but with a little effort we can create the atmosphere of the bathroom better than ever.
There is some truth in hell that make it the ideal bathroom atmosphere bother easy, or maybe we just confused about where to start from and how to remodel on a budget. Hence this tips will give you an idea and creative measures in order to remodel your bathroom more beautiful in low budget.

Paint The Wall With New Colors

Repainting your wall paint is the first step that you need to do. Specify the color you like and skewer with a concept that will you will stretcher. The bright colors will make the bathroom look more “clean” and refreshing.

Besides going to drastically change the appearance of your bathroom, paint the walls also relatively cheap. With affordable prices and a bit of fresh ideas about color, you will get a bathroom that changes color at all.

Buy New Cover (shower curtain)

Closing a shower curtain or shower rinse also give great effect when you replace it.
Shower curtain usually have a wide range of prices depending on the material, style or brand.

Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is usually implement in the living room or the bedroom, but this time try to put it on the bathroom wall. You can buy your own, or even create your own wall decoration with creative ideas, for example from Pinterest.

Wall decoration in the bathroom also provides a unique impression for guests who ride wearing your bathroom. Wall hangings can express yourself, like what you love or your hobby or even your favorite pet photo.

With homemade decoration can be your best recommendation. It’s the right time to explore your creativity and skill to make unique design for wall décor. So here are some homemade wall décor ideas before you agree to apply one of those ideas.

What about painting floral by DIY project for your homemade wall décor ideas? Or not only floral design, you can paint with colors, styles, shapes or design look as free as you want. Painting by DIY project is not only a fun thing to do but so many benefits about it: you can save your money and budget, you can decide the concept freely or you can collaborate with your friends to do the homemade wall décor ideas with your friends.

Wrap cute fabric around a rectangular piece of styrofoam or wood and staple in the back. This mall trick can be considered as one of the easiest ways to create homemade wall décor ideas.

Using photos for wall décor art? Yes, it can be the most creative idea to do! Use your photo collections for the wall décor, arrange them in unique way as creative as you want. You can also décor the arrangement with some accessories, up to your decision.

There are also so many unique materials in home for your best homemade wall décor ideas. From toilet wrap, your old jeans, paper, cardboard, dolls, fabrics, and many other materials. Make sure to explore and know better your creativity skill by use materials around your home. Sometimes the best homemade wall décor ideas is the one that really close with your routine life, around your home or around your bathroom area.

Natural Stone or Ceramic Wall And Floor

When we you want a nice bathroom design and elegant while the vast size of the room is very limited. Actually there are some ways or tips that you can make a minimalist bathroom with a charming and elegant appearance.

To be able to design a minimalist bathroom with elegant and luxurious appearance you can choose the tiles that are used for bathing. Ceramic is a material that is often used in the bathroom because it has a flat area and is easily cleaned. However, to beautify and make the bathroom look elegant despite the small size you can use natural stone to decorate the bathroom wall or pedestal. For the problem of the color, you can take the green, light blue, tau other colors that make your bathroom look more fresh.

Mirror for Getting Wider Effects

Meanwhile you can also put a rather large glass on the bathroom wall. That is because to get the impression that a broader and looks luxurious and elegant, mirrors or glass will make your small room increasingly look more spacious and make the bathroom more functional more minimalist.

In terms of good decoration in the family room, bedroom or even in the bathroom you’ll often see a mirror, the mirror is no doubt really will make any room more attractive and functional. There are many types of mirrors that we can choose to beautify the favorite part of your minimalist home. In a previous article, we have shown a variety of tips to beautify the walls, one of which is the use of vintage mirrors and now we will display the special modern design different mirror. Modern Mirror arguably be one way to show your personality to others. Type of mirror you choose to wall bedroom or bathroom will not only reflect your personality, but also taste and character within you.

Now you have to understand that the mirror is one of the accessories that should be in every home every person. In fact we will reflect all of us first before going to school or office as we do every day before the start of activities and routines. Thus you have so many options to choose the type of mirror that you want in the bathroom, bedroom, or living room of your house. For example, the mirror in your bathroom, you should consider buying a mirror rather wide because when you use it you can see yourself as a entire clearly.

If possible you can consider to choose modern mirrors are made with different materials that make it more resistant to heat, humidity and water. Currently, there are various kinds of elegant design and a stunning mirror and can easily to get.

As you can see, some set with a simple mirror, it looks like nothing special. However, this glass can be a focal point because of its large size. The designs are simple enough so that you can easily apply in your home.

Roof Ventilation and Transparent

To create a minimalist bathroom with an elegant look and sound you can install or make the air ventilation. By having air ventilation, making the bathroom will increasingly look cool and fresh. In addition, to create the effect of light on your bathroom advised to make a transparent roof or can by using glass or frosted glass tile usual with often attached to the wall. By making the bathroom even brighter, especially during the day, make your bathroom more cool and pleasing to the eye even with minimal size.

Splash of Colour for Bathtub Canvases

The ordinary and white bathtub mostly become everyone’s choice. But why don’t you just try to add splash of colour for bathtub canvases? Make more attractive and lovely look for your bathtub. Here are the guides.

  • So many colors for bathtub you can pick. Get interest with another colors beside white? Try brown or cream for safe choice. To make your bathroom look different and attractive, you can use bathtub with bold colors. Purple, red, blue or pink can be your modest recommendation. You must remember that color bring different and varied look, for example, red will make your bathroom look elegant, chic but feminine at the same time. Blue is the best too, especially if you want to maximize the mood after tired about your work and want to get relaxing bath time.
  • There are splash of colour for bathtub canvases in patterns too! Yes, patterns like stripes or flowers for bathtub décor also available. It gives modern look, cozy nuance and fits for casual bathroom area.
  • Also considering another elements like flooring or wall. Do you want to use ceramic or tile for flooring and wall? It will be better if you also decide the color of flooring decoration or wall. It means you should make a specific concept first about your bathroom interior area. For example, if you want a colorful bright view, you can pick bathtub with blue stripes canvas, choose pink tile flooring decoration and fits with the brown tile wall. It will give a colorful touch but still in soft and elegant look.
  • Last, you can add artwork paintings to for your bathroom area. Artwork paintings with classic picture can be the best recommendation, or maybe the colorful ones for make all the things perfectly work. With the color arrangement from one detail to another details, we totally guarantee you will love the whole result of your bathroom area!

IKEA Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can give special look for your bathroom area. IKEA can be the best recommendation not only because its popular name but also according to its design interior quality, also the price. With bathroom vanities, a beautiful layout of your bathroom also can be perfectly suitable. So here there are some considerations you should know before pick the IKEA vanities.

IKEA is known as company that sell furniture sets products for home, not only for bathroom, but also for living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen, mostly come with innovative and creative design for the items. IKEA become popular and become branded company as their products become very likeable for most people. When people want to add bathroom vanities, make sure you pick the vanities by consider the colors, material, drawers, size and the space of arrangement. Don’t force your space of bathroom by add bathroom vanity when in fact you have small size of bathroom. You can pick the medium one, and set it in the right position of your bathroom layout. Of course position will take important part, if you can make it works nicely, although you have small bathroom area, you can make illusion of bigger space.

For another recommendation you can also visit the website of IKEA on Ikea.com and let yourself know better about all the things about vanities. Know all products, search what you need, read the details, information, ideas and all reviews on the websites. We totally guarantee you will love in the first sight about bathroom vanities. And remember to prepare the best yet beautiful layout about it once you’re done to pick the best bathroom vanities. Make sure you pick the best vanities and see the new look of your bathroom space!

 Best 10+ of Big Idea for Small Bathroom Storage Design

Big Idea for Small Bathroom Storage Design

In any regular house, bathroom is the smallest area inside the house so that bathroom storage design is always an issue to deal with. As a matter of fact, there are many creative people out there who have been so generous I creating many ideas that everyone could incorporate to have a better storage facility inside their small bathroom. These are some of the bathroom storage ideas that will be so useful ad functional in any small sized bathroom. You will have o clutter problem anymore inside the bathroom.

Storage Ideas For Small Bathroom Ideas Beautiful Design For Small Bathroom Ideas Unique Cupboard For Small Bathroom Ideas

Labeled storage system is one of the ideas of bathroom storage design. Basically you will have to prepare several pieces of basket that each one of them is given a specific label. The labels indicate that the respective basket is used to store certain things. It will keep the things organized inside the bathroom clearly. Mason jars will be the next great idea of small bathroom storage if you have many small sized things to keep. Make up brushes, cotton swabs, and also lavender sprigs are all perfect to be placed in the mason jars with a bit of DIY creative touches.

Usefull Cabinet For Small Bathroom Ideas Simple Bathup For Small Bathroom Ideas Elegant Cramics For Small Bathroom Ideas

Above the door shelf is another option of bathroom storage design for small bathroom especially of the ceiling is high. There will be a great deal of additional storage space given by the shelf placed above the door of your bathroom that will not get the way of anything else on the floor. Next idea is the piece of shoe organizer that is placed at the back of the door. You will not have to buy shelf and place it either on the wall or the floor. Just get it and attach it at the back of the door. Those are some creative ideas of the bathroom storage design that are useful for small bathroom.

Elegant Wooden Cabinet For Small Bathroom Ideas Station Theme For Small Bathroom Ideas Wooden Cabinet For Small Bathroom Ideas Towel Storage For Small Bathroom Ideas

Description: Bathroom storage design is actually available in so many creative choices for small bathroom. Among them is the use of mason jars and also above the door shelf.


2024 Best of Getting to Know the Old World Home Decor

Getting to Know the Old World Home Decor

When you see the old world home decor, you will instantly feel both relaxed and comfortable. The trademark of this home interior decoration will also remind you of the old European manor or estate that you often see in the movies. However, creating this certain style at home is not as difficult as many people may think of. You need only to know what the materials, textures as well as colors to make it happen.

Washtoffel Old World Home Decor


Old World Bathroom Design


Living Room Old World Decor Ideas


Interior Design Trends Handmade Old World Furniture Decor


Inspiring Design Old World Decor Ideas


If you get the European feel, then you may be right. Because you will need furniture such as the French antiques to create the old world home decor style. Moreover, you will also need limestone, stiles, earthy materials, and tumbled marble. Other less significant in size but no less important anyway would be to include the deep texture on the walls, flooring and also fabrics being used in the rooms.

Impressive Living Area Old World Decor Ideas


Dinning Room Old World Home Decor


Classic Living Area Old World Decor Ideas


Cheap Home Old World Decor Ideas


Bedroom Old World Decor Ideas


Among the key influences to the style of the old world home decor are: French Country, Spanish, Tuscan, Italian Villa, French Chateau, and Mediterranean. Seeing each of the style would help you to understand about the style better as you may use all the elements from those styles mentioned above or you can simply use the combinations of some styles that you would love the best.

To achieve the old world home decor, you need to choose the colors that are deep in tones, rich and also warm. These colors should be the colors of the natures as well as the colors that are often used in the old world residences, towns and villages. Those colors will include deep gold, pomegranate reds, hunter greens, different kinds of browns, etc. The fabrics, on the other hand, may include the brocades, leather, Aubusson rugs, fringe, stripes, tassels and beaded trim, damask with floral patterns and large scrolls, etc.

Description: The old world home decor can immediately make the rooms feel more relaxed and also comfortable. This old European style is the combinations of lots of styles, colors and fabrics.


The 10 Best Collection of Tips and Trick to Have Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Tips and Trick to Have Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Whether the home owner is female or male, the presence of modern rooms with a feminine touch is a right way to create cozy feeling upon the house. The main characteristics of feminine including soft, cheerful, and warm are believable to make plenty of comfort once you step the feet into the room. The review bellow would show you some brilliant trick and tips on how to make those girly accents adorn every part of your house.

Trendy Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Teenager Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Simple Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Romantic Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Modern Bed Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Choice of color is the first tips to have feminine modern room. Some soft colors as pastel colors and pinks are the basic tone for creating such feminine touch coming to the room. A peach colored drapery would never fail to make a girly look. Once it is combined with peach bergere sofas and modern white clean lined hanging pendants, a perfect modern room with a feminine touch is already created. The additions as sofa cushions should be in soft colors to make bold statements.

Luxurius Living Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Living Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Living Room And Kitchen Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Elegant Rooms with a Feminine Touch


Beautiful Rooms with a Feminine Touch


After dealing with the color, then, we should know that details are so important in making great feminine touch coming to yours. Pick any furnishings with polka dots, strips, or floral motif to welcome any guests with nice look of girly feel. For example, polka dots accents of shades and stripped window treatment would make modern rooms with a feminine touch.

The main characteristic deciding whether it is masculine or feminine touch is the choice of furnishing. This is the last idea you should know well. In order to have fascinating feminine modern room with you, knowing the rules of furnishing is indeed essential. A tufted leatherette chairs with beautiful faux fur rug are ready to boasts up the looks of the room. Adding glass coffee table is also good to make a great modern room with a feminine touch.

Description: modern rooms with a feminine touch can be created from several ways. The following review provides you some tips to make it real. Check them out.


10 Best The Perfect Tips Candice Olson Bathrooms Style

The Perfect Tips Candice Olson Bathrooms Style

Do you want to get new look in your bathroom? Of course everybody wants it because the look will create the comfortable sense when it is used. So I will give you some tips to design your bathroom with using Candice Olson bathrooms. Have you known Candice Olson? By using it, you will get relaxing, more spacious space when you have mini space and functional bathroom. Adding some good style in bathroom such as Candice Olson wallpaper is good idea to make bathroom so awesome.

White Olson Bathrooms Style


Unique Plans Olson Bathrooms Style


Unique Olson Bathrooms Style


Lovely Olson Bathrooms Style


Elegant Olson Bathrooms Style


There are some suggestions for you to remodel your bathroom into Candice Olson bathrooms, namely you should ditch the toilet using tank because it will take the valuable above storage room and be perfect space to hang cabinet, and of course it can be eye catching for all people who look at your stunning bathroom. The perfect model of bathroom will show your creativity in designing well; therefore, you have to prepare many things in decorating bathroom to be perfect style.

Chandelier Olson Bathrooms Style


Candice Olson Small Bathroom Designs


Candice Olson Electric Luxury Bathroom


Candice Olson Bathrooms Design


Blue Light Olson Bathrooms Style


Next, you put the vinyl to the bathroom flooring because it will make the bathroom perfect, seamless, easy maintain and waterproof by coming in various textures and colors to create the space variety easy incorporate. Choose the large flooring to put in the Candice Olson bathrooms and feel the different style after you put it and the bathroom will be awesome you own. Then, you have to make the bathroom design eye catching by customizing the tile mosaic in the wall in order to the bathroom designs look gorgeous.

Choose the right area or wall to tile it in Candice Olson bathrooms will generate the stunning point with combining the color in the tub wall and shower. And then, giving the floating sink can create the space illusion to offer the great cabinet spot for the product of miscellaneous or baskets for towels. Those are the best tips for you.

Description: Candice Olson bathrooms are perfect choice to make your bathroom look elegant by following some good tips for you who want to design the bathroom using Candice.


20 Best Collection of Stunning Bathroom Vanity for Small Space Design Ideas

Stunning Bathroom Vanity for Small Space Design Ideas

Having a minimalist house is not really bad idea. It would be fine when you can find the appropriate furniture for your small room. Especially for your bathroom, it will be fine when you find the suitable bathroom furniture. We have such a beautiful Bathroom Vanity for Small Space to your modern minimalist bathroom. Some beautiful modern house brings the small bathroom with the unique bathroom vanity. It will inspire us today.

Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces

Appealing Bath Beautiful

Stunning bathroom remodeling ideas

Stunning bathroom remodel idea with white wall lamps black mirror

Small Space Bathroom Vanity Ideas With Stylish Black White Vanity Cabinets

From IMI Design, LLC, the beautiful Bathroom Vanity for Small Space is placed the complete its beautiful modern bathroom. This living space is the Urban Luxury-Toronto Verde which is designed in small space. Therefore, we can see the vanity is designed in small dimension to be suit for the bathroom design ideas. However, we should not only think about the dimensions bathroom vanity small depth, but we can find the stylish and fancy vanity design like what the urban luxury bathroom has.

From the other bathroom style, wonderful Shane D. Inman Collection brings the 21st Century Bungalow with the fancy Bathroom Vanity for Small Space. Concept of the bathroom is totally different with the bathroom that we have known. This bathroom is designed like the comfortable living space. Small bathroom vanity ideas is added a couple of big mirror to manipulate the room in order to get the larger bathroom with the reflection of the mirror.

Small Bathroom Vanity

Retro Small Bathroom Ideas With Stunning Decoration

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Interactive Ideas For Renovated Small Bathroom Design

bathroom Vanity Idea

On the other hand, the bathroom also brings the unique Bathroom Vanity for Small Space to decorate the space. Beautiful brown countertop of this bathroom vanity also looks elegant. Meanwhile, for the down space is designed with some shelves that we can use for saving the bathroom items there. Combination colors like the gray, brown and gold in this beautiful bathroom looks so wonderful. This amazing bathroom vanity would be such beautiful furniture for your small bathroom.

The Best 2016 Top Corner Bathroom Sinks Models

2016 Top Corner Bathroom Sinks Models

The placement of the sink can be flexible based on the artistic sense of the interior designers want to do. An excellent interior designer will have several positions which can be thought into the bathroom. Those positions are based on the artistic style of the design. Having it in the corner can be a good idea for the small bathroom in the small house.

The white sink in the ceramic material is really nice to be placed in the corner of the room. The white color is chosen in the purpose that it is the neutral color which is flexible for every color combination. That is why the white sinks can be combined with the ideas for the bathroom in the several concepts. Having it in the corner can be a good thing to be installed.

Unique Design for Modern Corner Bathroom Sink


Traditional Corner Marble Bathroom Sink


Traditional Corner Bathroom Sink


Traditional Corner Bathroom Sink with Beauty Chandelier Lighting


Modern Corner Bathroom Sink with Wooden Pattern


Modern Corner Bathroom Sink with Modern Lighting


Minimalist Corner Bathroom Sink with Decorative Wall


Mediterranean-Style Corner Bathroom Sink


Corner Bathroom Sink with Cabinets


Contemporary Corner Bathroom Sink for Modern Bathroom


Classic Corner Bathroom Sink in White Color


2016 Modern Corner Wooden Bathroom Sink


The artistic model can make the decoration really great. There are several models of the sink which can be applied in the bathroom. Those sinks can be chosen based on the artistic style which the interior designers tend to apply. The artistic style of the sink can be a good application in the modern bath room. But the concept of the bathroom should be strong enough.

Top 10 of Organize and Arrange the Towels in Your Bathroom

Organize and Arrange the Towels in Your Bathroom

Arrangement is important point when you want to set everything clean and neatly in your bathroom. Here are some tips and trick to organize and arrange the towels in your bathroom :

  • You can set the towels in the open-up cabinets but let’s cheer up the room with towels with bright colors. Arrange the colors from the darker ones to the brighter ones. Or if you want to make more attractive look, get patterned towels and arrange them. Once you choose your colors, there are several ways to arrange the towels to add interest to your bathroom space.
  • Besides set the towels in the open-up cabinets, you can make stacking towel bars behind closed doors. It is a great way to remedy the shortage and use space efficiently.
  • Want more different style better than open-up cabinets? Or your bathroom cabinet full with another things like bathroom stuffs? Than maybe you can set bathroom cubbyholes. You can keep the towels neat and accessible with these cubbyhole shelves.
  • What about using towel ladder? Maybe this idea is strange and different but you can make it better by décor the ladder efficiently. Pick ladder with bright color and set the towers. To prevent the ladder from slipping, attach rubber tips made for chair legs to the ladder’s feet.
  • For easier trick about organize and arrange the towels in your bathroom, you can simply just add hangers in your bathroom. But don’t pick the usual hangers with wire or wooden material, maybe you need the colorful plastic ones for more eye-catching look. These colorful plastic hangers can be the right place for hang your towels. Still remember to pick the big hangers, not the small ones because the small hanger maybe can’t handle your weight of towel.
10 Best Collection of Amazing Beach Themed Bathroom Decoration

Amazing Beach Themed Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom should be designed and decorated as the fresher room where it should be more comfortable. It is because the bathroom is not only for bathing but also for having a relaxing time to enjoy and refresh the mind and tiring. Beach themed bathroom is the amazing choice because the interior design of the bedroom will be more stylish. Even, based on the beach themed bathroom decorating ideas it can be more fantastic when all elements have one harmony.

Why beach themed bathroom? It is easy question. The beach theme has more freshness to display and feel. The ideas and design of this bedroom theme should be in fresh, bright, modern, simple, clean, clear and sure beautiful. By the short words, the bathroom with beach theme is perfect solution to both creating fresh bathroom for having a relation and also enriches the accents and feeling of the bathroom together at the same time. There is no mistake to go with this theme.

The freshness of the display of beach themed bathroom can stimulate your mind and feeling to be recharged and refreshed. This beach theme accents that can stimulate your feeling has really fresh meaning with the beach colors like white and blue and other natural colors of things in the beach including adding green plants in the corner of the bathroom.

Do not forget to apply beach themed bathroom accessories. Accessories are not just as complement but it can be designed and improved with beach theme so well. There is no lacks of beach themed bathroom when it is well designed and decorated. Try to add more accessories to improve the accents and bring the beach feeling and atmosphere right in your bathroom interior display. This can be amazing bathroom design because it has more elements display in fresh.

Description: Beach themed bathroom looks great without any doubts. It has more elegant and modern design because the accents and feeling of the beach accent can really give freshness.